BASIC MOBILITY Rhythmic Mobility 3 - Standing

Rhythmic Mobility 3 - Standing

May, 16th 12:00am

Length: | Price: $2.00 (USD)

About Basic Mobility

My Basic/ Rhythmic Mobility Routines are designed to improve and maintain proper function of your joints and muscles to provide the Mobility your body requires to react effectively to daily activities. Utilizing my Basic Routines will help you to improve the movement of your body without restriction. So why not join me on these 3, 5 or 10 minute mobility routines that can be done daily. !Your level of mobility impacts your health and life so giving into a little time and effort each day improves the quality of your life. Rhythmic Mobility Routines are designed for those who enjoy moving to the rhythm and beat of music and are more progressive than the Basic ones.


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