THE POWER OF 10 MIN WORKOUTS 05 Friday - The Power Of 10min - Cardio .mp4

05 Friday - The Power Of 10min - Cardio .mp4

May, 16th 12:00am

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About The Power Of 10 Min Workouts

Each 10 min routine is designed to provide you with either a Cardio or Strength Training Workout. Take the Cardio routines on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday and the Strength Training ones on a Tuesday and Thursday to experience the full benefit of these Workouts in just 5 days of the week. Short exercise sessions can be extremely powerful. Why you ask? Some experts believe that when participants feel that they are left with little time to workout, they push themselves harder in condensed regimes to activate all major muscle groups. There are articles that explains a seven minute workout using a chair, wall or just your bodyweight which allows for a total body workout. These develop strength and improves cardiac health. Adults only need 75min of strenuous exercise per week. That adds up to a little less than 8min of exercise per day or 7.5 mini workouts weekly.


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